Monday, July 27, 2009

Week Eight

This week everyone received: beans (three varieties), basil (variety), parsley, cucumbers (english and/or pickling), peppers (variety), chard (variety), scallions (ishikura and deep purple), and full shares also received purple haze carrots.

You may notice that your chard has some some small holes... there is a mystery beetle that I'm having problems with, and some other local farms are as well (there's a discussion about it on the listserv). This beetle manages to get under the row covers and cause the damage to chard and beet greens, and currently no one is sure what it is or how exactly to deal with it. But we're working on it!

We have honey for sale! Contact me if you'd like to buy some. The first 8 oz bottle is $5 and if you return the bottle your next one will be $4. We currently have all three varieties of honey (spring, summer and autumn) and plan to do a few more harvests this year. Thanks to my friend and stellar graphic designer Ellen for the amazing honey labels (and all the CV Farm labels/logo/design)!

If you're at a loss as to what to do with this latest batch of chard, I can share two great suggestions from CSA members. My friend Jen likes to wrap the chard leaf like a little package around a few slices of tomato, some goat cheese (or cheese of your choice, though goat is excellent with this), drizzle with balsamic and grill! Julie shared a link for a great and amazingly simple recipe for stuffed chard with fresh marinara -

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